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When do you let up on those infernal “teaching moments”?

Recently, one of my daughters was playing with the cat, who scratched her, also playfully. She was fine but peeved and said “Wouldn’t it be funny if I bonked him on the head with a pan?” She was joking and … Continue reading

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It all started 10 years ago….

Just about this time of year, ten years ago, baby B was put in my arms. Three weeks before, my mother had died suddenly in London, and during her memorial service, the planes hit the twin towers in New York. … Continue reading

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Remembering to love what I already have

This week I’m a guest blogger over at Mike and Molly’s House, a new blog by Molly, who used to do the wonderful Molly on Money, and her husband Michael. Together they are are fierce and fabulous DIYers, who are … Continue reading

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Girly bling: mom gets some too!

L. has a gaudy ring, probably acquired out of some grocery-store quarter machine that she gave me to wear. I put it on for five minutes or so to humor her, and then put it away in a little bowl … Continue reading

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