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What my dysfunctional dog taught me about my limits

This week I’m participating a Coffee-Talk writing challenge by Sandy at First Gen American. The challenge was to write a blog post about “What my Dysfunctional ________ taught me about ________.” Here’s my offering, and be sure to check out the … Continue reading

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Wanna go somewhere?

Now that the kids are about to go back to school (four days to go and counting….) I’m thinking about how I feel. I’m exhausted, as I am every time this year: exhausted, crabby and fed up, even though it … Continue reading

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Why I love summer’s end

Nine years ago this time of year, I was spending nights on the living room floor with my new baby. The wildflowers were out all over the backyard slope that leads to the arroyo. The nights started out very warm … Continue reading

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When rebels become parents

What happens when rebels become parents? It’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot as I spend — ha! — a lot of time with my children this summer. What happens is that people who made a point of pushing … Continue reading

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Finally! A mommy-style vacation

We’ve just spent a few days at a friend’s place in the mountains. Just a few hours away, it was completely different from our parched brown home. Towering aspens rustling outside the window, a strong stream running right outside, we … Continue reading

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