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10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Buying New

Last fall, I made a quiet decision to stop buying new clothes for four months. When I committed to not buying new in the name of mindful consumption, the fun of finding “new-to-me” clothes turned out to be a blast. … Continue reading

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To Make a Mother Weep

In the kitchen before dawn, my pre-teen daughter makes two potato chip and maple syrup sandwiches on artisanal — $5.99 a loaf — sourdough. “My favorite!” she grins.   Who knew? Her plan is to watch the sunrise from our … Continue reading

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My Invitation From Doris Lessing

Frustrated about my writing that morning in West Hampstead, London, I smoked a joint and set off to the local library for inspiration. I decided I needed to read yet another book by Doris Lessing. That would jumpstart my work. … Continue reading

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I’m in Best of the Bonfire

Hello All — Just wanted to let you all know that one of my guest posts last year for Kludgy Mom – Menarche and Menopause – has been picked as one of the year’s best in her “Best of Bonfire” series! My post is … Continue reading

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Grandmothers: A Clear, Straightforward, Love

Today, I’m participating in the Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign, run by Tara Sophia Mohr. All kinds of bloggers are posting inspirational stories about grandmothers and elders — check it out! **** I was a college freshman at a giant state … Continue reading

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An Embarrassment to my Daughter

So the other day I’m driving the girls around from here to there, and we’re listening to a song we all like. I’m waving my arms and bouncing to the music. Madam B pipes up and says, “That’s why I … Continue reading

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gardening! This year, the pull is too strong to resist — all my extra time is going to be on my knees with my fingers in the dirt 🙂

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