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To Make a Mother Weep

In the kitchen before dawn, my pre-teen daughter makes two potato chip and maple syrup sandwiches on artisanal — $5.99 a loaf — sourdough. “My favorite!” she grins.   Who knew? Her plan is to watch the sunrise from our … Continue reading

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My Invitation From Doris Lessing

Frustrated about my writing that morning in West Hampstead, London, I smoked a joint and set off to the local library for inspiration. I decided I needed to read yet another book by Doris Lessing. That would jumpstart my work. … Continue reading

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Swap is the New Shop

This week I’ve done a guest post about clothes swaps over at Estrofests, a wonderful site run by my friend Tonia about parties by and for women. My friend Molly and I threw a clothes swap to start the summer … Continue reading

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Children and Eco Political Correctness.

Now that summer is in full swing, I’m struck again at how politically incorrect kids are when it comes to the environment. As in exuberant, highly-creative wastefulness. As I started to wash the dishes the other day, I cranked up … Continue reading

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Trusting That I Can, Day 18: Loving what is right here

One of the things about trust is that it can easily turn into wishful thinking. “I trust that  things will work out (my way).” “I trust that abundance will flow into my life.” “I trust that everything is the way … Continue reading

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Jumping back in

I still feel like I’m swimming in deep water after a long break off work, the holidays and  a vacation back east. The Christmas tree is still up, and we’re already in the thick of practices and homework and a communal … Continue reading

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Reject Christmas Card Photos

Each year it gets tougher and tougher to sit those girls down long enough to get a decent image for the Christmas card. I aim for luminous, transcendant photos which their innate spirits shine through, adding to the goodness and … Continue reading

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To the river

The girls and I went rafting for three days just as school ended on the Chama river in northwestern New Mexico. The river is a fairly calm one, good for kids, excellent for a hyper mother’s nerves, and the scenery … Continue reading

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