This year, the pull is too strong to resist — all my extra time is going to be on my knees with my fingers in the dirt 🙂

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8 Responses to Gone….

  1. christine says:

    Sounds so rewarding. May you find many earthworms. ooxx

  2. xtine says:

    Please post photos of your efforts!! I am fantasizing about starting my own (tiny) garden here in Boise!

    • growingmygirls says:

      Absolutely — It’ll take a few weeks for the seedlings to come up, but maybe, if we’re lucky, we should have a few tulips. The photo is of the apricot tree that is about to be robbed of its fruit by a big frost in two night 😦

  3. Christine Brooks says:

    Beautiful photo

  4. child care says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing

  5. Michelle says:

    27 words that speak volumes!

  6. growingmygirls says:


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