To Make a Mother Weep

In the kitchen before dawn, my pre-teen daughter

makes two potato chip and maple syrup sandwiches

on artisanal — $5.99 a loaf — sourdough. “My favorite!” she grins.


Who knew? Her plan is to watch

the sunrise from our roof

with her buddy asleep on the mat

next to her bed.


When the sandwiches are done,

he does as he is told and groggily climbs up,

clutching his coat closed in the wind

to join her in her puffy down jacket,

thick and content as a robin,

on the cold metal roof.


He steadies his footing, sandwich bag in hand,

and looks east

as his body is lit

by pink fire climbing the sky.


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2 Responses to To Make a Mother Weep

  1. Christine says:

    Oh the joys. You are a great parent, know that!

  2. growingmygirls says:

    Thank you Christine — it was a funny moment…

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