Lighten Up and Love Deeply



I’ve been following the Little Seal blog for a long time. It is a passionate, beautifully-written chronicle of a mother caring for her terminally-ill child. Even though you’d think as a mother that you can’t bear to read it, you can and do, and you feel grateful afterwards.

Emily Rapps’ son Ronan died here in Santa Fe on February 15, just before his third birthday. He had Tay-Sachs Disease, a genetic disorder which is incurable and always fatal. Emily’s book about the last three years, The Stillpoint of the Turning World,  is coming out this week.

But there’s another reason why I’m blogging about this. Emily has compelling counsel for us all. As she puts it, parenting a child with no future has taught her to stay in the moment. As she watched others stressed by the demands of parenting, she learned the importance of taking it easy because nothing is forever.

It sounds bleak but it isn’t. It is completely uplifting. Emily went on the Today Show talk about this today — here is her video. Also check out her Today Show post. As for me, at this moment, I get to watch my dog sleeping in the sun and the dirty dishes piled in the sink. I am looking forward to picking up my girls in half an hour. Right now. For today.

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