Glowing with Girly Possibilities

IMG_1784Sitting on L’s bed last night, rubbing her shoulders, I got to take her in like breath.

Long hair in a loose braid, strands falling out at every twist, little flower earrings, multiple bracelets around her wrist along with a few hair ties.  B is similar. Just add long pointy nails, each one painted a different color, and a mane of unfurled hair.

Both are young, soft, smooth. They are unfolding. Never more have I been reminded of the observation that youth is its own beauty. They are beginning to exude something that is their own, that feels sacred, holy, beautiful.  And it’s something that is completely different from when they were six, or two. The way those color-adorned fingers wave around to illustrate a story. The curve of a neck adorned by a loose curl. A rainbow of straps peeking out from under their sweaters.

As I straggle my way out of illness, limping and hacking along, I feel particularly haggard. It’s ok, but I can easily forget about that sense of presence that I see in them. The growing urge to experiment — to delve inside and enjoy putting myself out into the world. How they glow with possibility each morning as they face getting dressed. A gentle antidote as I come back to an active life.

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2 Responses to Glowing with Girly Possibilities

  1. christine says:

    i hear you. Boys are so different but children getting older and moving on seems the same. For me, I am at a loss of what to say that doesn’t make them embarrassed or take their manhood/adultness away. j is now 18 and r will be 17 in 3 weeks. i often wonder what i will do and what my job of parenting will look like..? i know you have done a great job.
    happy weekend

    • growingmygirls says:

      Oh, I hear that will eventually change. Sounds so tough and so different from when they were little! I’m told it’s hard for a while with mothers and sons. But I’m sure you too have done a great job!

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