All my visions for an effective and organized return to blogging got sideswiped by a horrible chest cold and laryngitis, that nailed me and two other family members.

As I write this in the dark early morning, I can hear my daughter coughing in bed in fitful sleep. I myself am slumping from end-of-illness fatigue and can’t believe I’ve been awake (restless dog, hormones) since 3:15am.

Add to that sore wrists. I’ve been trying out a new form of exercise and overdid it one day, and voila! Two weeks later, I still am having trouble typing. I think it’s going to be okay, but a lot of things have fallen by the wayside. Do you think life was sending me a message?

Each year I forget how busy October is, and this morning, I breathe a sigh of relief that Halloween is over. My ill husband ignored it altogether, and last night, after a long day of Halloween food, parties, activities and freezing cold, one daughter lay in bed reflecting that Halloween was too strange and weird for her. Next year, she might not bother. “All that work for, like, two hours!” she said, smudges of black from her evil-queen face still ringing her eyes.


So I’m putting up a goofy quickie photo of our cockeyed jack-o-lantern and moving on, hopefully, to a few weeks of rebuilding strength and calm. Here’s hoping for a return to regular exercise and as relaxed a November as I can manage with only one teeny major holiday to contend with.

Hopefully, this time around, I’ll report to you sooner rather than later.

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2 Responses to Sideswiped

  1. christine says:

    I hear you. Sorry you were sick, hope all is well and everyone is on the mend.
    On Halloween day, I quickly bought 4 bags of candy, ran to the garage got out the Halloween stuff, decorated the porch and gave all the candy out with a green face and witches hat. Woke the next morning and put it all away til next time.
    The boys stopped trick or treating years ago and It made me sad. Things change.
    And next THANKSGIVING… trying to be grateful…. Peace

    • growingmygirls says:

      Love the green face and the hat! Ack — I hadn’t thought of being the lone celebrator of Halloween. That will make me sad, I think. How noble of you to be there for those neighborhood kids. And yes, gratefulness for the next holiday — a good thing.

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