A mother’s rest


The kids are finally back in school. Their schools started way later than most. But now, the nights are cooling down and I’m finding a way back into writing.

I’m not sure why I stopped. Besides the business of summer — kids home, few camps, work drying up for me — something else happened. Something soft and feral shut down and just refused to go forward. I didn’t put out as much, in terms of phone calls, emails, or posts. I did, finally, start reading again. Despite the protests of my over-50 eyes, I got through a bunch of books.

So although I worried about it, this shut-down wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. This elemental force inside me dragged her heels, refusing to be a champion multi-tasker. Maybe I wanted my own summer vacation.

We ended up with one of the nicest summers we’ve had in a long time with wonderful friends and family coming to visit. And now that the autumn pace is picking up again, the residue of all that is that I still don’t want to try so hard.

This may mean that I don’t want to do and achieve, but I think what this adamant part of me wants is to do and achieve, but not be so tense.

I’ve been working on that goal for a long time. Last year when school started, I went for an entire day (meaning 9 to 3) to a local spa, and sauna-ed and soaked outside in the crisp fall air, journaling, setting goals and re-setting my inner clock.

This year, I took last week to make a cover for an old and grubby — but still thick and warm — comforter that I’d been using in my favorite chair. This was a quiet, totally sensory joy; touching the fabric, looking at the lovely pattern, letting my mind dive into the simple straightforwardness of making things.

A mother’s place to rest to recharge. Now, with this chair ready to receive me, on to the next season.

The comforter on the chair, with a pillow needlepointed, thank you very much, by my mother.

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2 Responses to A mother’s rest

  1. christine says:

    Lovely to think of you relaxing, you deseve that. Beautiful fabric, love the pillow, too.
    I so need to take care of myself and put me first but is so hard.


    • growingmygirls says:

      So nice to hear from you! I hope your summer went well. Thanks — it’s hard to think of myself deserving much of anything, but I’m working on it. And so I send it back at you — you so, so, so deserve to take care of yourself! xoxo

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