Trusting That I Can, Day 21: Mission Accomplished

These irises bloomed last week. They are an endless thrill. Another seed (or rather, bulb) that I planted just once but of which I get to reap the rewards year after year.

I feel better. Less stagnant.  Something has expanded, taken steps into a new territory. It’s been a good thing to carve out this chunk of time to explore trust.

And gardens are a hotbed of trust, that life develops and expands. Since I started this series, the spinach plants are bigger, and the chard and kale have sprouted.  Our columbines and copper roses have gotten going too. Each year, some part of me gets so immersed in the cold of winter that spring seems like an unexpected miracle. An “oh my god – it came back” miracle.

I didn’t realize when I started this series that it would end just at the one-year mark for this blog. I posted my first post a year ago tomorrow. A delicious synchronicity. A personal milestone in my own ability to persevere. A different, deeper sense of how I can trust myself. Mission accomplished.

This post is part of a series of posts on trust, based on the 21-Day Salutes originated by blogger Colleen Wainwright. The intention is to write daily to help shift a habit. Originally, she had been told that it takes 21 days of new behavior to change a habit. She has since found out that it is apparently takes much longer. Oh well….

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3 Responses to Trusting That I Can, Day 21: Mission Accomplished

  1. christine says:

    welll done. Love the photo of the iris, they are such a treat and I love bulbs that come back each year. It does seem like a nice change when spring comes yet again. You are quite accomplished and I so enjoyed your SALUTE. Best wishes and congratulations on a YEAR.

  2. First Gen American says:

    Aren’t seasons awesome? Each one continues to amaze me and I love watching the circle of life unfold. Happy Blogoversary. I hope your next year is even more amazing than the first. My second year of blogging was a lot less intense and I think in a way that was a good thing because I no longer had as much to say because I was focusing on being back in the real world again vs my virtual web reality.

    • growingmygirls says:

      Thank you! It does feel good to have gotten this far and it’s interesting to think about how to view the coming year, bloggingwise. And yes, the coming of each season just lifts my heart. I was so happy about spring, and now so happy about summer, I can’t really imagine cold. And when the fall comes, I’ll marvel at that. Makes me feel like a goldfish with a 3-second memory!

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