Fabulous blogs that I love to read…

An owl I made for my daughter's birthday thanks to Molly, from Mike and Molly's House, one of my favorite blogs. Shhhh, don't tell -- it's a secret!

It may be abundantly clear that I am somewhat technologically challenged. Or perhaps it’s better to admit that I’m old and grey enough to not care about jumping on the next bandwagon. Really, there are only so many things to get anal about at once. So when I started this blog, the idea was to get back into thoughtful writing about something I deeply cared about. And to see if our family had come to enough of a place where I could sustain something like this. And that was all.

New to the world of blogging, I had hardly read any others, and still don’t explore enough. But now, months down the road, other blogs have penetrated my consciousness and there are so many cool ones to get excited about! After taking way longer than I should have to figure out how to add the blogroll list to this format, I cautiously put it up a few weeks ago and can now introduce them.

Here they are, all fabulous, and all worth checking out!

Estrofests — A blog about inspiring women to find the party in everything they can, even the tough stuff. Ranging from mammograms to recovering from a house fire, Tonia’s approach is aimed at keeping us all sane. Happily, many of the party suggestions involve goofy drinks and good food.

First Generation American — A thoughtful personal finance blog that also includes the perspective of the author’s wonderfully practical immigrant mom, Babci.

Mike and Molly’s House — Two friends who live just down the road chronicle their hilarious and ultimately amazing efforts at making their own things, from reversible aprons to building a yurt out of papercrete. Or whipping up lovely stuffed owls in just a few hours! One of the most delectable parts of reading the blog is their married-couple banter.

Momastery — A very funny parenting blog. Honest and forthright, she manages to convey gratitude without being sickening! I always am mightily impressed by that.

Our Little Seal — A searing, beautifully written blog by the mom of a little boy dying of Tay-Sachs disease. Her eloquence and truth bring more light and life to my day.

The Yarning — An innovative blog of poems, photos and letters between two authors that chronicle the development of a novel.

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4 Responses to Fabulous blogs that I love to read…

  1. The owl turn out great! Can I post it on our FB fanpage?
    It’s been so wonderful to read your stories from the beginning.

  2. growingmygirls says:

    Absolutely — so glad you like it. I didn’t notice until I took the photo that the red and white fabric that I love so much actually ended up giving the owl a strange, demented frown. But I still love it!

  3. First Gen American says:

    I adore your blog too. Your posts are always very thought provoking. I’m honored to have made your favorites list as I don’t post nearly as often as I’d like to.

    • growingmygirls says:

      Thank you so much for the compliments — I try to write about things I’m wrangling around with in my head. That’s what makes writing worthwhile. And I can barely manage once a week (or rather, let’s say, four times a month), which I gather is one of the classic steps to successful for good blogging. Oh well….

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