The Valentine’s Tree

We’ve had our first run-through with the Celebration Tree and it went well. It seems like it’s going to be a workable idea for our family.

At first, I began to regret the idea. As the weeks grew closer to Valentine’s Day and the tree sat pretty much ignored with its lonely two hearts, I got resentful. I really didn’t want another holiday where I did all the thinking, spending and prep work. But it was also clear that celebration wasn’t going to spontaneously erupt either. The girls were also waiting for someone else, i.e. me, to get the ball rolling.

I’d been too busy to clarify to myself how this tree was going to work. It was important to find something between weeks of Christmas-like preparation and a last-minute scramble on February 13.  Several things saved us. A friend and blog reader inspired by the idea of the tree was intrepid enough to send us some homemade valentines (Thanks so much Christine!).  I’m so impressed — I have such a gut-level horror of going to the post office that special people in my life actually receive very little.  But once her lovely things were hanging up, I got myself to a craft store and bought a few inexpensive goodies.

Reminder #1. A little effort can make all the difference.  The tree wasn’t bare any longer and the pleasure from walking by it was gentle and fun. Yesterday, in a spasm of anti-Hallmark enthusiasm, I attempted handmade cards. Reminder #2.  I don’t like what I come up when I don’t have enough time. I’m a crockpot creative — I need to stew. However, the girls did like the results and that’s what matters.

It’s been a nice day. On to St. Patrick’s Day!

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1 Response to The Valentine’s Tree

  1. christine says:

    the tree looks wonderful. so glad i could be a part of it. love the comment of a crock pot. i am a bit of slow cooker myself.
    Wish you the best for valentine’s day to you and yours.

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