Jumping back in

I still feel like I’m swimming in deep water after a long break off work, the holidays and  a vacation back east. The Christmas tree is still up, and we’re already in the thick of practices and homework and a communal stunned silence at the credit card bill.

We had a good time though and my head is still there. Nice holidays and then a trip east to see my Dad and visit the nation’s capital. I must admit I wasn’t all that psyched about this trip (I only ever want to go to the beach, really), but whole family dynamic got turned down several notches to a much more soothing gentle place. And in honor of that, I’m going to put up some happy photos of the last month, soothing and calming, as I let my writing brain wake more slowly in this new year:

Our part of the world had a beautiful, reasonably timed (5:30 am) view of the total lunar eclipse last month. We watched for a while and then hurtled ourselves, pajama-clad and clutching hot chocolate, into our truck as the moon set out of sight to watch the last little bit before it got too light. Rick caught a lovely shot just above the Jemez mountains.

Bets are off on when the tree will come down…

We saw the big attractions of our nation’s capital, the needle building (Washington Monument) and the ice-cream-cone-with-a-cherry-on-top building (the Capitol). I was reminded that my kids, coming from the southwest, haven’t seen much of that style architecture. Since they acted like ex-cons in a mugshot line-up for most photos I took, here they are, blurs, on a beautiful day in front of the needle building.

This fat guy was sitting in a tree at Mount Vernon and stopped all of us in our tracks. We aren’t birdwatchers, but we don’t see cardinals here in Santa Fe. He just makes me happy to look at him.

Within a day or two of getting home, right out the back door….

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5 Responses to Jumping back in

  1. christine says:

    Lovely photos. Glad you had such a nice sounding trip. We are here in Florida visiting my mother, the east is so different from the west, although I do love the birds here, memories of my youth. The pace seems so much faster over here. Glad to see your tree is still up… Happy New Year, glad you are back to blogging.

    • growingmygirls says:

      I hope you’re having a good time in Florida — each year I struggle more and more with the cold, so I hope we can swing a few more winter trips to warm places. And yes, I do think the pace of the east is faster. Since I’m already racheted up enough, I appreciate the slower west.

      • christine says:

        Thanks, it is nice to be here. Seems like the weather this winter is warmer in Flagstaff, but it doen’t seem right. Hope you get away…

  2. I just love reading your posts. Your first paragraph said it all. I wish I could be so succinct. I look forward to more posts as I’m curious where your head’s been at lately. Life’s been unusually hectic and I am trying to find my way in it all. Listening to how others do it is very helpful. I did take my Christmas tree down, but it was later than usual and I kept it up extra long for that relative that never showed. 2012 will be a lot calmer I think.

    • growingmygirls says:

      Thank you! I’m hoping to get back to regular posting now, and will let my huge envy for your downed Christmas tree prod me into doing it myself! Let’s all hope for a calmer 2012.

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