Things worth loving this week

The geranium leaves, flaming like a wild last cry, that I pass every morning to my desk.

Watching our school’s fourth grade play the fifth grade run-waddle around on a sparkling fall day with brooms between their legs in an after-school game of Quidditch. Who knew it was a game? Apparently now there is a real World Cup, but here, Gryffindor battled Slytherin with soft balls and lacrosse sticks through tumbling yellow leaves, tryingnot to poke each other with broom handles.

Standing at a Halloween party, being the mommy coat rack, holding at various times: coats, wet towels, a half-eaten taquito, Harry Potter’s glasses, lollipop wrappers. 

The abandoned summer “fort” I made for the girls this summer under cottonwood trees in the arroyo. Now forgotten and the hammock covered with leaves, I went down to bring in everything for the winter.

Portraying a scarecrow at our school’s Halloween event, begging little fairies and “monster bears” to come protect me from the scary crows that terrified me. I was rewarded with big growls and protective spells.

The thick spider web that appeared in just a few hours in our kitchen, an intense bit of architecture to stake out a warm place for the winter.

B. cracking herself up with the simplicity of “What did the cow say to the chicken? Moo!” “What did the chicken say to the cow? Cluck!”.

How the girls are beginning to notice and claim for themselves, (as opposed to a “mommy-told-me-to-notice” moment), our breathtaking New Mexico sunsets. They’re even grabbing the camera to record some for themselves, calling them “famous painting” sunsets. The lovely gentle-shepherd feeling, that I so often forget to notice, of checking on my girls while they are sleeping, putting my hand near their soft breathing. B is usually huddled inside a pile of quilts, while L has her arms flung either straight out or straight up.

What’s been good in your life this week?

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4 Responses to Things worth loving this week

  1. christine says:

    Lovely photos and thoughts. I so enjoy hearing your words.
    I am not looking forward to the cold weather that is expected.
    Had this week with my eldest son, 16, as my husband and 15 year old son are in California, a much quieter house. Nice.
    I miss the leaves.

    • growingmygirls says:

      I’m so not dealing well with the cold weather either, but a quiet house would be nice for a little while. I miss the leaves too. There are pockets of Santa Fe where trees turn brilliant yellow and then all fall in fun swirls, but mostly, it’s evergreens. Not like the northeast, huh?

  2. This is awesome! You should enter my fancy dress competition. Its just for fun 🙂

    • growingmygirls says:

      Thanks Tinkerbelle! It was a lot of fun. Halloween is always one of those holidays that I never feel up for and then afterwards, am so glad I made the effort!

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